John Paul Lopez Taberdo

John Paul Lopez Taberdo

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G'day everyone,

My name is John Paul, and I'm here to help Australians travel and explore the world. Over the last 19 years I have lived, worked and travelled to 32 countries, and I am passionate about helping people make the most of their holidays overseas. With over six years of industry experience - and backed by an amazing company that's been around for 25 years - I have created amazing holiday plans and bookings for over 800 Australians, helping them create unforgettable experiences within their budget, and come home safely :-)

Contact me to plan and book your next holiday!

Booking an appointment with me means that you'll get a personalised service to make sure that you get the holiday of your dreams. Don't worry, there are no service or booking fees! Every appointment is a no-obligation conversation to find out:

* Your bucket list
* What you love to do
* How much you can afford to spend
* How much time you have to spare

From this I create personalised travel plans and book your holidays!

It could be a short escape to a beautiful island destination, or an adventure tour of a new country. I can book anything from campsites to luxury boutique hotels. I cater for independent travellers, as well as families wanting everything planned in advance. Every booking is based on your personal desires, plus a heavy dose of real travel experience!

I look forward to hearing from you :-)

Yours in travel


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Please send me your holiday or travel requirements and I will do my best to help you.

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With independent access to hundreds of travel suppliers around the world, I can pick out exceptional offers with amazing added value. Take a look through my latest selections – but even if nothing catches your eye, let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll do my best to find it for you!

Contact me on 03 9028 6899

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I absolutely love travel! Take a look through my posts - you might find holiday inspiration where you least expect it...

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