The Spectacular Canadian Rockies – Part 2 - Vancouver

Andrew Turner on 17 May 2018

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Day 2 in Vancouver was a bit more of a structured affair. Tourism Vancouver took charge today and we had a few things to tick off the must-do list in Vancouver. The main stops today are going to be Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge and Fly-Over Canada. The only thing halting our progress was Vancouver’s biggest fun run, which was on today, which closed quite a few of the main streets in the city, so things didn’t quite go to plan!!!

Our first adventure for the day was to head out to explore Stanley Park. This place is a favourite amongst Vancouver locals, especially on a bright sunny day. There are loads of gardens and trails to explore, playparks and swimming pools for the kids, and in winter you can ice-skate in the park. The park is home to the famous Totem poles. The totem poles are used by Canada’s first nations people’s to describe their history and culture, and have some fascinating stories to tell. Across the road from the Totem poles, there is a spectacular vantage point with Fantastic views across the harbour into downtown Vancouver. Definitely a panorama moment this one!

Today was the day to conquer my fear of heights. I remember when I visited the Suspension bridge 20 years ago I chickened out and didn’t cross the bridge. Today, not only did I cross the bridge, I also did the treetops walk and also the cliff walk, so very proud of myself, and I have the pictures to prove it… Although I did breathe a big sigh of relief when I got back to the bus! It is definitely a must do when you are in Vancouver… you may even get to see a grizzly bear, if you are lucky.

So, this is where our day started to go a bit pear-shaped. As we were heading back to the city from the Suspension bridge, the fun run was finishing up and the roads were still expectedly closed and the traffic was at a standstill, so it was time to sit back and relax on the bus and watch the day go by. Thanks to the terrific bus driver & guide, they managed to divert us around the road blocks as best they could, so we didn’t miss any of our itinerary. After a quick stop at Granville Island markets for a bite to eat, we headed down to the pier to check out Fly-over Canada. Fly-over Canada is the latest 4D experience that gives you the feeling of flight. You basically hang suspended, feet dangling, before huge screen while you head on a 10 minute ‘trip’ across Canada, from east to west. Special effects, including wind, mist and special scents make it so real you think you are actually flying. It is so life like and a great way to end our day tour on the city.

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