Traveller Review - National Geographic G-Adventures 13-Day Tour of Morocco

Andrew Turner on 28 August 2018

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Thanks to Jim Kehoe from Bondi NSW for his fantastic review:

“The National Geographic G-Adventures 13-Day Tour of Morocco was amazing and happily memorable in every respect. As I look over my photos and the itinerary, I am astonished at how much we did, in what was nevertheless a relaxing vacation. Among many, many excellent things, the big highlight for me was a night in the Sahara, sleeping in the open under the stars in a crystal clear sky with zero light pollution. Other than an occasional breeze, the silence was also extraordinary. I have certainly slept under the stars many times, but never where I could see the entire dome of the sky. Our local guides were friendly, articulate, and knowledgeable. Our main guide for the entire trip was even better. It was a pleasure to get to know him. I hope to hear from him again. In addition to an excellent guide, I got lucky with the group members, who were good humoured and good travellers, and the weather was not as hot as it can be. The National Geographic add-on activities, such as the participatory cooking demonstration, the calligraphy demonstration, and dinner in a family home in a 900-year old mountain village were very good value. The organisational side of the tour was faultless. From the point I arrived at the Casablanca airport, things ran on time, and our accommodation was varied and comfortable. One nice surprise was the availability and reliability of WIFI connectivity in the hotels. In the fact, the least reliable WIFI connection was in our hotel in Fes. When in the Sahara, there was no WIFI, but, on top of the taller sand dunes, there was enough signal strength to send a text home. I had expected communications to be pretty sketchy outside the big cities. One recommendation I have is: don’t concentrate your shopping and buying in Fez and Marrakech. Some of the smaller places like Troudant and Tafraout are worth saving dirham and bag space for. If you can afford the time and expense, this trip to Morocco is an excellent experience."

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