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British Columbia is a land of abundance. A home of giants. A wild place where nature, not man, creates the boundaries. Where our people, history, and culture are shaped by the environment.

Ten glacier-draped mountain ranges push west from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean. Winding highways invite you to experience this awe-inspiring landscape, to walk through thick evergreen forests, wander past waterfalls, and explore terrain unchanged for millennia. To the west, the Pacific Ocean claws at the shoreline, cut by hundreds of impossibly steep, blue fjords and scattered with thousands of forested islands. In coastal villages, locals share their knowledge of the land and water, and share seafood caught fresh from the ocean. Along the coast is British Columbia’s legendary Great Bear Rainforest, the largest remaining intact temperate rainforest in the world, where a wealth of wildlife, including the rare white spirit bear, wanders free.


Here multi-cultural urban centres offer a delicious mix of refined culture and raw nature. Vancouver, a city in nature, overflows with fine dining, shopping, nightlife, and the arts. Victoria, BC’s capital on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, is known for its British heritage and its many renowned parks and gardens.

BC is an endless exploration. Treat your senses to world-class, locally raised cuisine at luxurious wilderness resorts. Travel by ferry across pristine waters alive with orcas, dolphins, and seals. Visit the pastoral Gulf Islands to explore artists’ communities, organic farms, and white shell beaches. Drive high into the Coast Mountains on the dramatic Sea-to-Sky Highway to experience Whistler Blackcomb, a four-season resort where adventure abounds, including incomparable skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, and one of the most exciting gondola rides in the world.   

In the Okanagan Valley, a sun-drenched region in BC’s heartland, orchards and vineyards blanket hillsides rising from a chain of startlingly blue lakes. Hundreds of wineries, fruit stands, and farm-to-fork eateries along the valley invite you to sample their wares. At the Okanagan’s southern tip, Canada’s only desert protects a wealth of rare and endangered wildlife.

Throughout the province, British Columbia’s First Nations invite you to experience their ancient cultures through galleries and studios, live performances, traditional feasts, and guided explorations of traditional lands. 

From rainforest to desert, from offshore islands to snow-capped peaks, British Columbia’s dramatic landscapes are home to wildlife in abundance. Watch for migrating whales offshore, birdlife in the marshes, and bears deep in the inland forests.

Whether it’s the rush of feeling like you’re standing on the edge of the earth, or the deafening quiet of a misty, mystical shoreline, the exhilaration of British Columbia reminds you how it feels to be alive. To connect with something real, something pure. Here, you are wild at heart.

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