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Oregon is on the West Coast, right between Washington and California. Some people think it's the best thing about the West Coast, and of course they're right. Made up of seven diverse regions, Oregon has the ocean, mountains, valleys, high desert, cities, small towns, and almost everything in between. The city of Portland is famed for its quirky, avant-garde culture and is home to iconic coffee shops, boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants and microbreweries. Highlights include the Native American art in the Portland Art Museum, the Japanese Garden and the Lan Su Chinese Garden.

 Best time to visit

Oregon has high desert country to the east, balmy coast to the west, and mountains, rivers and forests in between.

What to pack for an Oregon vacation? Layers. Oregon weather can be surprising — that’s an understatement — but you don’t have to let it catch you off-guard. Oregon can be visited year round.

What to see in Oregon

There are 7 Wonders of the World, and not a single one of them is here in Oregon. All we can figure is whoever came up with the list must have never set foot in Oregon! They must have never seen Mt. Hood or the grandeur of the Columbia River Gorge. They certainly didn’t explore the Oregon Coast. The exposed earth of the Painted Hills, Smith Rock’s towers of volcanic ash and the alpine peaks of the Wallowas were overlooked as well. Even Crater Lake, the deepest lake in America, was left off their list. So we see your Wonders, world and raise you 7 of our own. 

Oregon’s Must-Do’s

Whether its camping, hiking, skiing, cycling, mountain biking, Fishing, golf or rafting Oregon has you covered. With the coast or the mountains just 45 minutes away from the city of Portland you can pick and choose what you want to do day by day. Oregon has the only Mountain (Mt Hood) where you can ski all year round. Go and check out the rodeo at Pendleton located in Eastern Oregon which is known around the world. Road biking and mountain biking – Oregon has the first official Scenic Bikeways in the U.S – 11 and counting. Golfing – the toughest part of golfing in Oregon is choosing from nearly 200 public courses. Snow Sports – Oregon’s ski areas have it all, from beginner runs to challenging terrain. Mt Hood Meadows Ski resort boasts more than 2000 acres of options for downhill, cross country and back country skiing. Water Play – there are so many ways to make a splash in Oregon. Rivers like the Rouge, The Deschutes and the North Umpqua have kayaking and rafting for adrenaline addicts and mellow day trippers alike. The Oregon coast has great beaches for surfers from beginners to expert.

Top Tips

  1. Oregon has no sales tax
  2. All Oregon gas stations are required to pump their own gas for you, so enjoy the free service!
  3. There are 16 known hot springs on Oregon, including Alvord Hot Springs, Belknap Hot Springs and Paulina Lake Hot Springs
  4. The state is home to nine federally recognised American India tribes
  5. There are dozens of ghost towns in Oregon
  6. The Oregon hazelnut is the state’s official nut, and Oregon grows 99 percent of the entire U.S commercial crop
  7. In 2012 there were 905 vineyards planted on 10,295 hectares (25 440 acres)

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