3 Reasons why you can trust your Travel Counsellor

10 August 2019

Travel is one of life’s luxuries that few can live without. There is travel for momentous occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, and then there is the type of holiday or retreat that gives time to decompress and take a break from the ordinary. Some of us can take off on whim’s notice and others plan and save for years just to tick the place they’ve always dreamt of, off their list. While the ease of online travel agencies and booking tools has put people in complete control of their own holiday, they often form the recipe for a disaster holiday if something goes awry.

As a whole and as individual Travel Counsellors, we care and we will do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience both booking and on holiday. Bespoke itineraries, cruising, beach breaks, adventure holidays - whatever you have in mind for your holiday, your local Travel Counsellor will show you how much they care by providing an unrivalled personal service and trust. But how do we demonstrate trust? In these 3 ways:  

Right Product, Right Customer

We have an unwritten rule at Travel Counsellors, and that is “right product, right customer”. We’re not about directional selling (meaning, we will only recommend what makes a profit). Everything we do is underpinned by what is best for our customers. As travel experts we can offer impartial advice from our own experiences and draw upon the wealth of knowledge from Travel Counsellors around the world and we are completely devoted to establishing a relationship of care and trust - that is why our recommendations will always be honest and with our customers best interest.

Because Travel Counsellors is a global organization, we have access to an infinite number of airlines, rail operators, hotels and tour providers, so nothing is impossible when it comes to working with us. In fact, our ability to go direct to ground operators means we can cut out hidden fees that might be charged by a wholesaler - Or online booking agent!

100% Financially Protected

Yes, that’s right – every cent you pay is protected. It’s the highest level of protection you could wish for because it’s fully independent. Set up in 2004, it sits alongside our ATOL (Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing) cover and financially protects every part of every trip, whether it be the whole holiday, a flight, hotel stay, car hire or even airport parking. It’s completely robust, meaning that no matter what happens, your money is safe.

Global Duty Office

Concerned about travelling near a natural disaster? Trying to keep up to date with civil unrest on the other side of the world? As an agile global company, Travel Counsellors operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Keeping an eye on global events round-the-clock, the Travel Counsellors Duty Office provides support during times of crisis (because airline collapses, superstorms, earthquakes and strikes happen). This means that as a Travel Counsellor customer, you can sleep well knowing that if any situations arise overnight, the Travel Counsellors Duty Office will mobilise.

Every detail of your dream holiday will be carefully looked after with Travel Counsellors, so that at every stage all you have to do is trust, relax and enjoy your well-earned holiday.


If you’re planning a holiday get in touch, and we’ll find you a Travel Counsellor you can trust.

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