5 destinations to visit in June

02 May 2017

Hanauma Bay in Hawaii

Hoping to take a mid-year getaway? There are destinations where the month of June offers sunny weather and spectacular scenery, often without the crowds that appear at the height of the summer season.

From Europe to Hawaii (Hanauma Bay, pictured above) and on to Indonesia, read on to discover five destinations to escape to this June…


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Nestled along the emerald Adriatic, Croatia is a stunning blend of medieval architecture, beautiful beaches and forests made for hiking. A few items for your travel wish list? Cycling from the highest peak in the Adriatic islands, Vidova gora. A sip (or two!) of Dalmatian wine on Hvar Island, an area full of vineyards. And the bright white sands and turquoise waters of Zlatni Rat beach, in Brač.

July and August in Croatia can be very crowded, especially as the weather is very warm, but in May, June and September there tend to be fewer tourists, so it’s a delightful time to explore.

New York

New York City, New York, USA

June in New York tends to be gloriously warm and sunny, so it’s perfect weather for exploring this vast, vibrant city on foot. The stifling heat that often descends on the city later in the summer has yet to arrive, so the weather is comfortable for walking around. Pack your comfiest walking shoes and get ready to be delighted by parks in full bloom, rooftop bars, and long walks from neighbourhood to neighbourhood!

Not sure about exploring the city on foot? Travel Counsellor Aisling recommends the hop-on hop-off bus tours: "I think the best way to see NYC is by taking a jump on, jump off bus tour. It takes in all the big sites and the conductor also gives great commentary on the city whilst travelling on the bus. It travels form downtown Manhattan, through mid-town and then on to Uptown Manhattan. You can also take in the other 4 boroughs too and visit Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten. Yankee Stadium in the Bronx serves home ballpark for the New York Yankees and is definitely worth a visit. Music lovers can visit the famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem or visit Coney Island famous for its pizza.

And for the best views of this buzzing city? Aisling says, "The Empire State building is definitely the winner with the best views of the city! You can see miles on end, taking in Central Park, the statue of Liberty and the Chrysler Building."


Canadian Rockies, Canada

Though Canada might be known for its snowy peaks and incredible array of winter sports, the summer months here offer a spectacular number of things to do. And the country looks utterly beautiful awash with deep green trees and sparkling blue lakes.

2017 is the 150th anniversary of Canada becoming a self-governing dominion in the British Empire and there are a dazzling number of events across the country celebrating Canadian Confederation. Where could you go on your Canadian adventure? Two of the areas Travel Counsellor Karen recommends are Alberta - "The most breathtaking place on earth!" - and British Columbia: "Known as Canada's Pacific Gateway, with the capital city Victoria on Vancouver Island and the impressive culinary scene of Vancouver, the largest city. From there, the powdery ski slopes of Whistler, sandy beaches of Tofino and wines of the Okanagan Valley await you. In addition, immerse yourself into the vast Great Bear rainforest, home to grizzly bears and eagles."



Hawaii is famous for its magical beaches, from the golden sands of Waikiki Beach to the mesmerising surfers on Oahu’s North Shore, but there’s history, culture and breathtaking natural beauty to explore on these islands. As Travel Counsellor Kris says, "What a beautiful place to visit. So much to see and do, and never enough time!"

Over 20 islands make up Hawaii, so from hiking in the rainforests to gazing at the enormous Mauna Loa volcano at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to visiting one of the fascinating museums, there’s plenty to discover. Hawaii’s balmy tropical climate means that it’s a destination to visit all year round, though June tends to be one of the driest months and with a lower humidity (the wettest months are November to May).


Located of Bali's east coast, travellers can reach Lombok in just 25 minute by air, or around 2 hours by boat from Bali. Lombok is perfect for the traveller who is looking for something a little different. Almost as big as it's neighbour, Lombok is an idyllic island with spectacular views, white-sandy beaches, lush rainforests and the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Want to get away even further? The tiny palm fringed Gili islands are pure paradise.   


Tempted to explore somewhere new this June? For more travel ideas, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor to plan your tailor-made holiday.

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