5 reasons to visit the Yukon on your next trip to Canada

28 November 2019

Deciding which destinations to include in your Canadian trip itinerary isn’t an easy task. After all, the vast country is packed with vibrant cities, incredible landscapes and thrilling activities. The Yukon may be a little off-the-radar in comparison to some of the more well-known territories in Canada, but this huge, vastly untouched region is well worth a visit, especially if you’re keen on seeing wildlife and getting back to nature. Here are five experiences you won’t want to miss while in the Yukon:

See the northern lights

A highly sought after travel experience on many bucket lists, seeing the northern lights is one of the key reasons people head to the Yukon. If seeing the dancing, swirling, ribbons of light make their way across the sky is on your radar, then head to the Yukon in winter, autumn or spring (mid-August to mid-April). There are many ways to experience the wonder of the northern lights – watch it from an outdoor hot tub, gaze through the window of a cosy cabin or head out on a snowmobile with a local guide and enjoy the mesmerising show by a crackling campfire.

Try dog sledding

A classic winter experience that outdoors enthusiasts (and dog lovers) are bound to enjoy, being pulled through the snow by a team of dogs is a trip highlight for many visitors to the Yukon region. Whether you’re interested in a half-day dogsledding adventure or an overnight excursion including a fun night sleeping in a cosy wilderness camp, dogsledding is the type of activity people of all ages can enjoy.

Explore quirky Dawson City

A character-filled, frontier town bursting with memorable stories about the larger-than-life folks that helped to shape the region during the Klondike Gold Rush, Dawson City is an enthralling hub populated by a small-but-proud community of hardy locals. To get to know the local scene, pull up a bar stool in a saloon and get talking, you’ll soon hear stories about the folk heroes that once called these parts home.

See bears, caribou, moose and more

With more than 80% of the Yukon region being wilderness, this massive stretch of Canada is a top spot to see a variety of wildlife. Home to the highest diversity of mammals in the Yukon, the Southern Lakes region is where you’ll find black bears, moose, deer, caribou, otters, beavers and a huge array of migratory birds. Over in the Kluane region you’ll find mountain goats, wolves and the continent’s highest concentration of grizzly bears, while way up north belongs to elusive species like polar bears and Arctic foxes. If it’s animal encounters you’re after; Yukon delivers!

Go on an active adventure

If you’re a fit, nature enthusiast, then make the most of the Yukon’s wide open spaces and epic scenery by kayaking or canoeing the region’s pristine lakes and rivers. Prefer to stay on dry land? Hike the backcountry near Whitehorse to take in the panoramic vistas or go on an escorted mountain biking day trip with an experienced local guide. Whatever your fitness level, the Yukon region is one of the best places in the world to revel in the glory of nature.


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