5 Rivers to Cruise

08 October 2018

River cruising allows you to experience the joys of cruising while staying in close touch with the cities, towns and villages of the destination you’re visiting. From seeing a new day dawn in a cosmopolitan city to counting stars at night while docked in a quiet, rural township, a river cruise enables you to see a place in a whole new light. From Asia to North America, Africa and beyond, here are five must-see rivers to add to your cruise list:  

Ganges, India

It’s hard to comprehend just how important the Ganges is to the people of India until you’ve seen it for yourself. Snaking its way through big cities, small towns and tiny villages, the holy river hosts religious ceremonies, allows crops to grow, transports people from place-to-place and provides space for people to bathe, wash clothes and contemplate life. A cruise along the sacred Ganges gives you a chance to immerse yourself in all the conflicting elements that make up modern-day India. Day trips and shore excursions reveal artisans carrying on centuries-old traditions in small villages, beautiful Hindu temples, labyrinthine bazaars and faded palaces once home to maharajahs of years gone by. Spend time on the Ganges and you’ll gain a whole new perspective on life.

Amazon, Peru

Whether you’re a keen photographer, animal lover, adventure enthusiast or wellness fan, a cruise along the Peruvian Amazon is an experience you won’t soon forget. Choose to join a luxury cruise if yoga on deck and pisco sour making classes are your thing, or sign up for an expedition cruise if hiking jungle trails and kayaking tributaries are up your alley. Regardless of how you tackle the Peruvian Amazon, the incredible diversity of wildlife that call this corner of the world home remains a major drawcard. If seeing tapirs, sloths, jaguars, hummingbirds, toucans and macaws in the wild sounds exciting, then this is the cruise for you! 

Nile, Egypt

No matter how far your travel budget stretches, a Nile cruise is an unforgettable way to witness the majesty of Egypt. Whether you’re exploring the Nile aboard a traditional felucca or luxury liner filled with state-of-the-art mod cons, a cruise along the river that gave birth to one of the oldest civilisations in the world is a multisensory experience not to be missed. 

Mississippi, USA

Step back in time and mosey on down the mighty Mississippi River aboard a paddle steamer. Leaving from Memphis or New Orleans, you’ll pass rolling farmland, Antebellum-era mansions, cute towns and sprawling plantations while being treated to good old fashioned Southern hospitality and hearty comfort food along the way.   

Yangtze, China

Stretching from Shanghai right through to inland China, a leisurely cruise along the Yangtze River completes a China adventure. After you’ve explored the vibrant cities and seen the Great Wall, enjoy a change of pace on a Yangtze River cruise. Peaceful pagodas, small villages, dramatic canyons and limestone peaks offer a look at another side of China that seems a world away from the buzz of the big cities.   

If you’ve never been on a river cruise, perhaps next year is the time to go? With so many glorious destinations and companies to choose from, your Travel Counsellor can help you find the perfect cruise for you…

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