5 tastes to try in Hawaii

29 November 2017

With a plentiful bounty of fresh fruit and veggies from fertile volcanic islands and the beautiful bluer-than-blue Pacific Ocean waters swarming with sashimi-grade fish, Hawaiian cuisine is a colourful mix of traditions, flavours and modern delights. Treat yourself to ancient regional cuisine or immigrant inspired mouthfuls.... things are about to get ‘ono’ (delicious).


1. Laulau

Super traditional and mightily moist Laulau is an essential for any luau (a Hawaiian feast). Pork is wrapped in layers of taro leaves, then slow cooked in an underground rock oven leaving the meat smokey, tender and juicy.



2. Chicken Long Rice

Originally brought to the island by Chinese immigrants, Chicken Long Rice is a stable of a Hawaiian Luau. Essentially a chicken noodle soup but so much more. Made with clear mung bean noodles cooked in a chicken broth with a pleasant ginger twang.



3. Poke

If you’re too full of Mai Tais and luau platters why not try some Hawaiian sushi? Poke is the Hawaiian sashimi. If you’re a sushi monster on your lunch break you’ll be in love and addicted to it in no time. While sashimi is all about super thin slices of raw fish, Hawaiian poke is served in generous bite-size chunks. These cubes come in a variety of marinades which are great fun to try, from spicy mayo poke to limu poke. Why not splash out and get a Poke Bowl - a bowl of rice heaped with hearty cubes of poke.



4. Kalua Pig

Another big hitter of Hawaiian cuisine is Kalua Pig. Love pulled pork? You’re in for a treat! Slowly roasted in an underground oven the pork becomes extremely tender and incredibly delicious.



5. Loco Moco

This is the street side ultimate comfort food of Hawaii - the real big kahuna. Loco Moco is a hamburger patty sitting on a bed of fluffy short grain white rice doused in brown gravy and topped with a fried egg, sunny side up.



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