7 travel ideas to include in your Cambodia itinerary

19 October 2017

Whether jetting in from Singapore for a short break, stopping in for a night or two while on a Mekong cruise or traversing the country on a group tour, Cambodia is a hot travel destination well worth visiting.

Emerging from a dark, tragic history, Cambodia has blossomed into a stable, welcoming country filled with an abundance of things to do for travellers of all ages and life stages. From timeless, well-known experiences to activities you might not have thought of yet, here are 7 things to tick off while in Cambodia:

Enjoy a cocktail at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Phnom Penh

Mentioned in most guidebooks, Phnom Penh’s Foreign Correspondent’s Club is popular for good reason. Enjoying a prime location overlooking the river, this watering hole has hosted many war correspondents, expats, celebrities and people of note over the decades it’s been open. Whether sitting at the horseshoe bar or catching a breeze while sitting opposite the large open windows, a beer or cocktail here is a must-do when in town.

Go for an early morning bike ride around Angkor

Siem Reap’s Angkor Wat is undoubtedly at the top of the list for any visitor to Cambodia. There are many ways to see this archaeological site, however an early morning cycling tour around the ruins is one of the better options for anyone interested in having an active adventure. Pedalling around the ruins while the sun rises is an unforgettable way to experience the site, and also a smart time to visit before the sun reaches the peak of its powers.

Try stand up paddle-boarding in Kampot

Think paddle-boarding is something only done in places like the Gold Coast and Hawaii? Think again because stand up paddle-boarding adventures can be had in Kampot, Cambodia. Gliding along the Kampot River with a local guide is a top way to get a little exercise while seeing another side to the country.

Cook up a storm in Kep

The coastal province of Kep is home to many fishing communities, so is the ideal place to learn how to cook up a mouth-watering seafood feast. A traditional dish called crab amok is a real crowd pleaser and with many hotels and cooking schools offering interactive cooking classes including visits to local markets to pick up the produce, Kep is pretty much a paradise for seafood lovers.

Go snorkelling in Sihanoukville

It would be unwise to overlook the stunning coastline around Sihanoukville. Many people flock to Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia to soak up some sunshine on beaches and islands but Cambodia is also a destination with plenty to offer. Many charters leave from Sihanoukville, offering affordable scuba, snorkelling and other aquatic adventures.

Go on a street food tour of Siem Reap

Sure, you could wander around the street food stalls and open-air night markets by yourself, but joining an organised street food tour run by a local is a better option. On a street food tour you’ll not only get inside knowledge of the best places to eat and the better dishes to try, but you’ll also pick up some cultural history behind Cambodia’s culinary creations and receive a little help with the local lingo while you’re at it!

Visit the Banteay Srey Butterfly Centre

South East Asia’s largest butterfly enclosure is located just outside of Siem Reap. Easily accessible by car, tuk tuk or motorbike, the centre is home to thousands of extraordinarily beautiful free-flying butterflies. Open 7 days a week, a guided tour of this centre is an excellent activity for both adults and kids to enjoy while in Siem Reap.

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