A Spotlight on Hungary

29 November 2017



Located in central Europe, Hungary encapsulates a beautiful crossroads of the region’s natural attractions with the beautiful baroque architecture of the cities. Budapest, the nation’s capital, is home to quirky bars, cafes and romantic Art Nouveau buildings like Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church. The Danube River divides two contrasting settlements: the wealthy neoclassic elegance of Buda, and Pest, the bustling commercial centre sprawling with bars, nightclubs and Art Nouveau architecture. Learn about Budapest’s Ottoman past and the Battle of Buda up on Castle Hill, and go beneath to wander through the labyrinths and tombs of Gul Baba, where you will find dark passageways and stone artefacts. Budapest is also home to over one hundred thermal baths, the most famous being the Szechenyi Baths. The bathing complex is Europe’s largest and is built with stunning architecture of the modern renaissance period. A visit to the Miskolc-Tapolca, Miskolc’s enchanting cave bath, and the Egerszalok open-air spa hidden amongst the volcanic Matra Mountains are a must.

Beyond Budapest is the Badacsony region, home to Lake Balaton and scenic vineyards. Take a walk up to Badacsony rock and sample the wine in the boutique cellars and bars in charming Badacsony village. During summer, the major Badacsony towns of Keszthely, Balatonboglar, Zamardi and Siofok become a hub of exciting nightlife and events, from cooking festivals to live music bars. For the keen adventurers, bungee jump in Siofok, waterski on Lake Balaton, and in the icy winter months go ice-skating on the frozen lake or have a go at ice sailing.

Hungary is dotted with many picturesque towns including Sopron, Pecs and Holloko. Northwest of Budapest is the baroque town of Eger, home to stunning architecture, an historic castle, museums and baths, while surrounded by a world-famous wine region. Stay north and visit the Danube Bend region, which encompasses the quaint towns of Szentendre and Visegrad, as well as the castle relics on the mountain. Explore the stunning scenery of volcanoes, lakes, spas and beaches, and learn about the remains of the Battle of the Middle Ages.

Situated between Lake Balatan and the Danube region is Central Transdanubia, home to lush valleys and sloping grapevines, while the historical main town Székesfehérvár is a network of beautiful cathedrals, chapels, museums, and an old Renaissance-era castle. The towns echo its royal history functioning as a coronation and burial site for the kings of Hungary. Discover Hungary’s most well-kept castle at Sumeg Fortress, and take part in the many events hosted there, such as theatre, jousting tournaments and exhibitions. Central Transdanubia also has a flourishing wine region. Growing mostly Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and other white grape varieties is the Somlo Wine region and the slopes of Azar Neszmély. The cultural and historical essence of Hungary is truly an experience all visitors will relish from an immersion in the deeply rooted medieval history, to the natural wonders of thermal springs and countryside.


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