Adventures on the River

06 October 2017

With U by Uniworld introducing the joys of river cruising to younger travellers, a new generation is set to find out why river cruising is one of the best ways to experience Europe’s beauty and majesty. From rolling on the Rhine to floating along the Seine and going with the flow of the Danube, U by Uniworld’s itineraries reveal the famous monuments, charming architecture and magnetic romanticism of classic European travel destinations such as Germany, France, Hungary and the Netherlands.  


Here are six benefits to river cruising that are worth thinking about:


Experience the joys of unpacking just once

Visiting multiple cities and countries in one trip sure is fun, however the process of unpacking and repacking your bags and lugging them up and down hotel stairs frequently isn’t. On a river cruise, you unpack your luggage once at the start of journey, then enjoy the rest of your trip without having to waste time squeezing all your belongings back into your case every day or two.

Join an instant community

Whether travelling alone, or with your partner or friends, connecting with others while away can often be difficult. Breaking the ice with strangers can be tough in hotel bars or at big tourist attractions, but on a cruise there are ample opportunities to befriend likeminded travellers. Whether chatting over breakfast, sharing a table at dinner or taking in a beautiful sunset up on deck, cruises are a great way to meet new people and forge new friendships. Over the course of a river journey, the camaraderie among cruisers grows, making it a top way to travel if meeting other people is on your agenda.

Forget transport stress

Where are those train tickets again? What time do we need to be at the airport? How do we get to the rental car depot? Travel can be exciting, exhilarating and enlightening but it can also be stressful when you’ve got plenty of transport connections to worry about. On a leisurely cruise through multiple countries all those logistical worries fade away as your captain takes you from port-to-port without having to line up at the airport or search through your luggage to find your train tickets. With the captain taking care of things, you’re free to spend more time relaxing on deck with a local drop of wine or exploring the city you’ve just sailed into.

Travel with your own chef

Food experiences can be a bit hit or miss when you’re in a new country with limited local language skills. Sure, you could find the best croissant of your life at breakfast, then sit down to an average, overpriced meal at an underwhelming restaurant for dinner. Aboard a Europe river cruise, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy quality, fresh fare every single day and night thanks to travelling with your own private chef. Knowing that your food and wine experiences are well and truly covered by the experts means you can spend less time trying to nab restaurant reservations or search for hot dining spots, leaving you more time to make the most of your trip.

Avoid seasickness

Cruising may be surging in popularity but for many people the idea of hitting the open ocean isn’t so appealing. Anyone who suffers from seasickness dreads being at the mercy of the open ocean, so ocean cruising – while fun – isn’t a great idea if you’re prone to seasickness. With river cruising, you get all the benefits of cruising without the chance of encountering the nausea-inducing swells that can render some cruisers incapacitated for days. River cruising tends to be a slow, steady affair with little to no chance of hitting swells that would induce sickness. For peace of mind, river cruising can’t be beaten!

Be close to the action

Nothing beats the feeling of arriving into a new port in a new city. Instead of arriving at an airport miles and miles out of the city, river cruising allows you to glide straight into the heart of the city at a busy working port. With restaurants, activities, shops, cafes and galleries all within walking distance of your vessel, river cruising allows you to be right in the heart of the action without the eye-popping hotel room price tag that often comes with occupying prime real estate in a popular city.



If you're interested in taking a holiday with a twist, talk to your Travel Counsellor about the variety of river cruise holidays. 


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