All Aboard the Rocky Mountaineer

01 May 2018

Offering world-class cuisine and seamless service amid an ever-changing backdrop of picture-perfect landscapes, a journey on Rocky Mountaineer is a memorable trip full of magic moments.

Since 1990, Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer has welcomed more than 2 million guests on an unforgettable luxury rail journey like no other. But what makes this boutique train journey so special? Here’s what to expect when traversing Canada aboard Rocky Mountaineer.


Whether opting for GoldLeaf or SilverLeaf Service, all guests are treated to a warm welcome and superior service from Rocky Mountaineer Hosts. Responsible for intuitive and seamless service, Hosts go above and beyond to ensure guests are taken care of. From delivering beverages to telling amusing stories from the region, Rocky Mountaineer Hosts are multitalented.


From the urban hubs of Vancouver and Seattle, to the mountain towns of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, stunning landscapes play a starring role in the show. Evergreen forests, bright blue lakes, tiny towns and dramatic mountain ranges aren’t just a backdrop to glance at occasionally but a genuine highlight from beginning to end. Oversized, domed windows bring the landscapes right into the rail car, giving guests superb views from every angle.


Rocky Mountaineer’s Executive Chefs deliver much more than meals. Championing ingredients from the regions that Rocky Mountaineer travels through, the five-star gourmet food and wine offering is truly exceptional. From Alberta beef and British Columbia salmon, the menus aboard Rocky Mountaineer are a feast for the senses.


With Rocky Mountaineer only travelling by daylight, guests are able to unwind at a high-end hotel each night of the journey. Complimentary transfers and baggage delivery allow guests to completely immerse themselves in the experience with all the logistics taken care of by Rocky Mountaineer.


Whether travelling solo, as a couple or with family, meeting new people is all a part of a Rocky Mountaineer adventure. Sharing stories with the person sitting next to you and getting to know a new friend over lunch in the dining car - there’s plenty of time and space to connect with likeminded people.

With several routes to choose from and the option of pairing a Rocky Mountaineer journey with a cruise, speak to your Travel Counsellor to find a package that suits your needs. 

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