Become Part of a 50 Year Legacy

31 January 2020


There’s no better way to experience the spectacular interior landscape of Australia than the Indian Pacific which celebrates 50 years of transcontinental crossings in 2020.

Named for the two oceans the train encounters on its journey, the Indian Pacific travels in style between Perth and Sydney on a spectacular 4352km crossing traversing mountain ranges, barren deserts and goldfields, rocky valley and subtropical savannahs.


With its bold wedge-tailed eagle emblem symbolising the scope, range and significance of each epic adventure, the Indian Pacific is no ordinary journey. From the moment you step aboard the frantic pace of day-to-day life fades way and a new kind of world opens up, one that allows you to escape quickly, and as you gently roll through ancient landscapes reawakening your sense you will uncover flavours, colours and details that will exceed your expectations.

Once onboard you can put down your suitcase and allow the journey to simply unfold before you, knowing that every moment is considered and everything is included in your fare from regionally-inspired meals curated by onboard chefs, premium wines and beverages, to immersive Off Train Excursions. The moment you embark, you can allow yourself to relax and fully embrace each new experience.


From the mountains to the sparkling coast, discover a world of wonders as you travel between these two great cities. Watch as the epic scenery rolls by with nothing but time to put up your feet and reflect on the day’s adventures.

Become part of Australian history with this fabled journey following the path of bush pioneers, gold rush prospectors and legendary adventurers as you make an epic transcontinental crossing aboard the Indian Pacific and become part of its 50-year legacy in 2020.

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