Cruising for beginners

01 October 2018

Image courtesy of P&O Cruises

If you’ve never set sail on a cruise before, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Immaculate staterooms with balconies, fine-dining to rival on-shore restaurants and thrilling entertainment including Broadway shows await. Be it cruising around the Caribbean on a large ship; sailing into secluded ports on an ultra-luxury vessel; spotting whales while exploring Antarctica; or floating along the Danube on a river boat, there really is a cruise for everyone.

Family and contemporary cruises

With plenty of entertainment, varied dining and modern facilities, a contemporary cruise is the most family-friendly of cruising options. Contemporary ships hold up to 6,000 passengers of all ages, and these action-packed cruises keep things interesting with high-octane onboard facilities like waterparks and ice rinks, many comparable to those found in onshore resorts.

Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Traditional cruises

Traditional cruise ships are usually smaller, often appealing to a more mature guest seeking an intimate atmosphere. While the latest gadgets may not be at your fingertips, many enjoy the relaxed ambiance, value-for-money and informative onboard lectures that a classic cruise experience brings.

Image courtesy of Blue Lagoon Cruises

River cruises

A relaxing river cruise is a glorious way to enjoy ever-changing scenery in comfort. Ships tend to be long and narrow to suit a river setting, so the chances of having a cabin with a view are high. Cruises operate along many beautiful rivers including the Douro, Volga and Mississippi.

Image courtesy of APT

Luxury cruises

Treat yourself to the cruise-of-a-lifetime onboard a luxurious cruise ship designed to wow. Fine dining from top chefs, attentive service and spacious premium cabins are the order of the day. For the ultimate in indulgence, opt for an ultra-luxury cruise on a small vessel with that private yacht feel.

Image courtesy of Seabourn Cruise Line

Adventure cruises

Cruise to an adventurous destination for an unforgettable trip. Popular expedition cruises include voyages to the Arctic, Antarctic and the Galapagos Islands. Ships are usually on the smaller side, allowing you to get up close and personal with unspoilt landscapes.

Image courtesy of Ponant

For more ideas about where to cruise or when to go, get in touch with your Travel Counsellor.

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