Destination Flavour: Cities for Foodies

01 May 2019

One of the best parts of travelling is discovering the food scene of wherever you’re visiting. From joining a cooking class, to going on a street food tour, booking into that must-visit restaurant and wandering through food markets, there are plenty of inventive ways to experience the cuisine of a region. Want to indulge your tastebuds on your next trip?

Put these famous food cities on your list:


Home to an extraordinary number of Michelin-star restaurants, you’ll never run out of places to eat in Tokyo. Enjoy the sense of ceremony that comes with sitting down to a traditional kaiseki meal, bar hop around the Golden Gai district of Shinjuku, sip strong coffee in a hip café in Shimokitazawa, try novelty sweets in Harajuku and order a bowl of hot ramen from a vending machine. The Tokyo food scene is seriously fun!

New Orleans

 Known as ‘The Big Easy’, New Orleans is one of the best places to eat and drink in the USA. Fans of Cajun flavours will love trying regional dishes such as gumbo, po-boys and jambalaya, while bar hoppers will have fun staying up late drinking New Orleans’ iconic cocktail, the Hurricane, at one of the many bars on Bourbon Street. Add a smattering of live jazz and you’ve got yourself a party!


A favourite destination with vegetarians and vegans, Delhi’s buzzing food scene delivers everything from cheap street eats to decadent, multi-course banquets fit for a maharajah. Join a cooking class to master classic dishes such as dahl and palak paneer, go on a guided tour of the centuries-old spice market, and join a street food tour to find the best spots to eat in the city.


A dream destination for hungry travellers on a budget, Bangkok’s food scene is the stuff of legend. Whether you’re grabbing some pad thai at an open-air market or sitting down to a steaming bowl of noodle soup at a family-owned restaurant, Bangkok’s cooks pack huge amounts of flavour into their dishes thanks to liberal use of chilli, pepper, kaffir lime, and lemongrass.


An emerging giant on the fine dining scene, Peru’s capital has several world-leading, upscale restaurants. So what’s on the menu? As a coastal city, Lima is a top spot to eat seafood, with the national dish of ceviche (raw fish served with lemon juice, chilli, onion and fresh herbs) found everywhere from upscale hotel restaurants to humble, family-run eateries.


A city that knows how to enjoy the finer things in life, Paris is arguably the ultimate place to indulge in wine, cheese and pastries. In the morning, sit in a café and enjoy a coffee and croissant as you watch the world go by. At lunchtime, grab a baguette to-go and eat it in a leafy park. By night, savour a glass (or two) of Burgundy’s finest drops in a neighbourhood bar before heading to an upscale bistro for some classic French fare served with flair.


If you're looking for the perfect holiday that combines your love of delicious food and magnificent sights, then these cities have it all. Contact your Travel Counsellor to start planning your food tour. 

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