Escape to Cuba

30 December 2019

Cuba is a Caribbean island filled with rustic hidden towns, UNESCO World Heritage sites and the world’s finest cigars. The culturally diverse island welcomes visitors to tranquil beaches, exudes musical energy and is adorned with magnificent architecture. Even today few tourists flock to the island, making it an enchanting destination for a unique and authentic experience. Havana transports visitors into a time stood still. It is a city traced with vibrant coloured buildings that echo different historical epochs, from the Spanish colonial era to Neoclassic and Art Nouveau.

Cuban cigars are regarded as possessing the finest quality craftsmanship globally. The Vuelta Abajo region in Cuba’s west is known to produce the world’s finest tobacco. Get behind the scenes of how the rare cigars are made by visiting a tobacco factory. A popular area is the Pinar Del Rio, a two-hour drive from Havana. Another fascinating and unique Cuban creation is its rum. Partly due to the region’s rich fertile soil and weather conditions, Cuba’s production of sugar cane – the source ingredient for rum – is one of the world’s finest, and produces some of the crispest rum. Have a taster on the rocks, or try one of the best mojitos you will ever have.

A real joy of exploring the streets of Havana is not just meandering through the markets, shops and food vendors, but also listening to the soft musical breeze of locals playing instruments. The streets also a living museum, lined with 1950s American style cars in perfect condition. Visitors have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of these vehicles to fully experience the vibrant scene.

Cuba is also home to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Highlights include the archaeological site of 19th century coffee plantations located in the southeast, the historic centre of Camagüey founded by the Spaniards in 1528, and the Alejandro de Humboldt National Park, home to one of the most biologically diverse sites on the planet. The architectural brilliance of Trinidad and the Valle de los Ingenios is also worth a visit. Founded in honour of the Holy Trinity in 16th century, the city was of significance during the booming sugar industry during 18th and 19th century.

For adrenalin kicking activities, travellers should travel to the resort town of Varadero, for snorkeling and diving down into the marine environments, or bathing on beaches and cave exploring on land. For low-key action, try a salsa class, or dance the night away in the many live music venues and bars that sweep through Cuban towns. The time to go is now. To get the real experience of Cuban culture, people and hospitality, now is the time to start planning your visit.

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