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22 February 2019

Louisiana is a unique state made up of mist-shrouded swamps, prairies of Acadiana and the grey Spanish moss cascading from old trees. The streets of Louisiana are filled with an eclectic mix of people: their home cities telling stories of a multicultural, multilingual history rich in diverse cuisines, music and art. 

Here are our top five things you can’t miss during a visit to Louisiana:

Contribute to the Energy in New Orleans French Quarter

A trip to Louisiana wouldn’t be complete without visiting the New Orleans French Quarter. This iconic community celebrates so many cultures and traditions, not to mention this National Historic District provides an unbeatable food scene, museums, music and notorious thoroughfare, Bourbon Street.

Check Out the Oldest Cathedral in Jackson Square 

St. Louis Cathedral - USA’s oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use - presides over Jackson Square. Tours of the historic landmark are self-guided, and it’s recommended that you follow up with a stop at the Catholic Cultural Heritage Centre and at the Old Ursuline Convent Museum. Afterwards, explore Jackson Square, the iconic French Quarter park.

Get Your Museum Fix

Five of the nine museums in the statewide system are in the French Quarter: Cabildon, Presbytere, 1850 House, Madame Jonh’s Legacy, and New Orleans Jazz Museum at the old U.S. Mint. Visit one, or all of these – depending on how much time you have to explore. 

Celebrate Culture at the Vermilionville Living History & Folk Life Park

In Lafayette, this folk life park illustrates Acadian, American Indian and Creole culture of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. There are 19 attractions, seven restored homes, costumed guides and local artisans – enough action to keep you busy for a while!

Enjoy Mouth-Watering Creole and Cajun Food

Not so much a ‘must see’ but a ‘must do’ – The only place to get true Creole and Cajun food is in Louisiana. A simple way to describe the two cuisines is that Creole cuisine is a “city food” while Cajun cuisine is often referred to as “country food.” While many of the ingredients in Cajun and Creole dishes are similar, the real difference between the two styles is the people behind these famous cuisines. Make sure you try both cuisines while eating out in Louisiana – you won’t look back!

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