Extending Your Cruise With A Tour

30 September 2019

Want to extend the excitement of your cruise holiday? Add a land tour before or after your cruise to see certain destinations in much more depth than you ordinarily would.

Staying in your embarkation port for a day or two before your cruise means you can start to switch off from work and home life before boarding, ensuring that you start your cruise fresh and ready to enjoy the experience to the max. Adding an extended land tour to your cruise adds another dimension to your holiday altogether, allowing you to see other corners of your destination not covered on your cruise itinerary.

At Travel Counsellors we work with carefully selected partners to offer our customers curated pre- and post-cruise tours and hand-picked hotel stays tailor-made to your tastes and requirements. These land tour options are the perfect add-on to a cruise:


Go on an Outback Adventure

Try combining your Kimberley cruise with a rail adventure by travelling overland on the Ghan before your cruise. A slowpaced ride on the Ghan is the perfect way to start your holiday.

Under the Tuscan Sun

If your cruise starts or finishes in Rome, why not add a Tuscan break to the mix? Spending a week immersed in the Tuscan countryside is the perfect accompaniment to a European cruise.


Take a Japanese Jaunt

If you’re cruising Japan then stay a little longer to explore the country via the nation’s highly efficient rail system. Head to Osaka to indulge in phenomenal cuisine, visit Kyoto to see ancient temples and shopfronts, and spend time discovering Tokyo’s quirky museums, boutiques and bars.

Visit Vietnam

Planning on river cruising the Mekong? Before joining your river boat in Ho Chi Minh City, why not spend a week traversing inland Vietnam on an active group tour?


California Dreaming

Joining a cruise that begins in Los Angeles? Why not arrive a week early, hire a car and explore some of California’s national parks? Head to Joshua Tree National Park to stargaze, Yosemite National Park to witness thundering waterfalls or Sequoia National Park to see some of the world’s biggest trees.


Want to plan your own shore excursion? Your Travel Counsellor can help you with that too! These land tour options are the perfect add-on to a cruise:


To learn more about how a Travel Counsellor can create a unique holiday experience for you, get in touch!

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