Fall in love with Quebec in winter

03 November 2019

  1. Hit the Quebec Winter Carnival

Atmospheric Quebec City heats up during winter with the world’s largest winter festival, the Quebec Winter Carnival. Over ten days the city celebrates with canoe races on the icy St Lawrence River, ice sculpture competitions and dog sled rides. Book your trip to coincide with the carnival and you’ll get to experience the ultimate winter wonderland.

  1. Get your skates on

Ice skating outdoors is a great Canadian pastime enjoyed by locals and visitors of all ages. While in Quebec City, take the chance to ice skate in the only walled city north of Mexico. Even if you’ve never ice skated before, it’s a quintessential Canadian experience worth giving a shot at least once!

  1. Feast on regional gourmet delights

Home to an array of gourmet restaurants run by talented chefs, Quebec City is a paradise for foodies. Whether you want to try First Nations cuisine at an Indigenous-owned restaurant, taste different varieties of top local cheeses in a sophisticated wine bar, sample authentic dishes in a cosy Parisian-style bistro, or find the city’s best bites on a fun food tour hosted by an in-the-know local guide, Quebec City delivers culinary highlights at every turn.

  1. Ride the rails

Forget the hassle of hiring a car or flying, getting from Quebec City to Montreal is a breeze with VIA Rail. In a little over three hours, you’ll be transported right into the heart of Montreal in comfort and style – the ultimate way to arrive in a new city.

  1. Embrace the romance of Old Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful city, made even more beautiful by the evocative vibe of Old Montreal. On a carriage ride along the streets of Old Montreal you’ll feel like you’ve entered a magical winter postcard, with pretty fairy lights twinkling in shop windows. Afterwards, visit the famous Notre-Dame Basilica to marvel at its starry, gold-painted ceilings, ornate wood carvings, and enormous pipe organ. It’s certainly a stunning sight to behold!

One thing is certain: winter in Quebec will take your breath away.

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