Hong Kong on a plate

01 May 2018

Hong Kong’s status as a gastronomic heavyweight is well-known. Combining rich culinary traditions from the region with global influences from near and far, Hong Kong’s food scene is a lively, exciting one for visitors to explore. Here are some of the must-try food and wine experiences to have while visiting Hong Kong.


From sitting down to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony in a tea house to trying a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea in a no frills eatery, Hong Kong is a destination for tea drinkers. With the origins of tea drinking traced back to China, it’s no wonder tea is such an important part of life in Hong Kong. Pick up some green tea or oolong to take back home, buy a decorative tea set at the Jade Market or visit the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea to learn more about this region’s tea drinking culture – either way, don’t leave Hong Kong without touching on the tea scene.


Originally brought to the region by Portuguese traders, the egg tart (also known as ‘dan tat’) can be found in bakeries and restaurants all over Hong Kong. This simple yet delicious treat of sweet custard wrapped in buttery pastry is the perfect snack to enjoy in between a spot of sightseeing or shopping. Make it your mission to find the best one and you’ll have fun snacking your way around Hong Kong.


After dark, Hong Kong’s bars are the ideal place to kick back after a day of exploration. Want to check out the city skyline? Try roof top drinks at an upscale hotel bar to enjoy city skyline views with a carefully crafted cocktail. Want a quiet, sophisticated spot to relax in? Boutique wine bars such as French-style Cochin, American-influenced California Vintage and Sydney transplant 121BC offer a cosmopolitan experience right in the heart of Hong Kong. From SoHo to Star Street Precinct and Ashley Road in Kowloon, wherever you are in Hong Kong there will be a new bar to check out.


Also known as ‘yum cha’, dim sum is a ritual not to be missed when visiting Hong Kong. The act of sitting down with friends and family to share tea and Cantonese dishes, dim sum can be enjoyed in a busy, family-owned eatery packed with diners or in the refined atmosphere of a lauded Michelin-star restaurant. Whether grabbing dishes from a cart being wheeled around the dining room or enjoying silver service in a five star hotel restaurant - both experiences are recommended while in Hong Kong. Steamed dumplings, barbecue pork buns and beef meatballs – there are hundreds of dishes to choose from, so pace yourself to avoid feeling too full, too soon!


A warming bowl of noodle soup is a mainstay choice for most Hong Kong locals and easily found in most streets of the city. Wonton noodle soup, fish ball rice noodles and Cantonese-style congee (rice porridge) are popular, but there are hundreds of different comforting noodle and soup dishes to try. Hawker-style food stalls (known as ‘dai pai dongs’) offer affordable, fast cuisine cooked the traditional way while high-end restaurants offer similar dishes typically infused with more contemporary touches and ingredients. Either way, Hong Kong’s noodle soups and congees are legendary.

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