Manitoba’s Incredible Wildlife Experiences

29 April 2019

Canada’s heart beats in the central province of Manitoba, where the country’s rich history is reflected in its cultural landmarks, museums, national parks and dynamic neighbourhoods. Step away from the cities and you will find the most unimaginable wildlife encounters in Manitoba…


The king of the Arctic kingdom, the majestic polar bear can be viewed in Churchill – and there’s more than one way to do it. Take a ride in a tundra vehicle or greet the world’s largest carnivore from the comfort of a fenced wilderness lodge. See them from on high during a helicopter tour or, best of all, walk among them with a guide and photograph them in their natural habitat.


Beluga whales are majestic, sociable creatures that patrol Arctic and sub-Arctic waters. Each summer, thousands of white belugas congregate in the mouths of the northern Churchill and Seal Rivers that empty into Hudson Bay. Step aboard a viewing boat and get to know these playful white creatures that are just as curious about people as you are about them. Don’t be surprised if your boat get surrounded but there is nothing to fear! Belugas are among the friendliest of whales and it is an incredible sight to watch them swim about and chase each other.



Witnessing a caribou migration is the stuff of dreams. As the winter begins, Manitoba’s boreal woodland, coastal, and barren ground caribou embark on an epic journey across the tundra. You’ll be mesmerised by this powerful wildlife spectacle and the wild beauty of these creatures, resplendent with antlers and huge, kind eyes.


The bison is North America’s largest land mammal. Once roaming free in North America, between 30 million and 70 million strong, in the 1800s, today the bison is a threatened species in Canada. You can find bison at Riding Mountain National Park and FortWhyte Alive. FortWhyte Alive offers 640 acres of lakes, forest, marsh, and meadow and farmland with opportunities to interact with nature including the opportunity to see these incredible beasts up close. Venture inside FortWhyte Alive’s bison prairie for an up-close encounter you’ve got to see to believe.

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