MyTC App: Your Travel Counsellor in your pocket!

03 November 2019

We know how important your Travel Counsellor is to you for all of your travel plans, so we developed an app so that you can keep them in your pocket all the time! 

Technology like this doesn’t just exist - it has to be created - and the Travel Counsellors Technology and Development teams have worked tirelessly to create an application with the customer in mind.

Easy-to-use and completely free to download, this incredible travel tool has features such as itineraries, live flight details, booking tools and a secure payment portal, virtually putting the Travel Counsellor in the pockets of their valued customers. Here are 4 reasons why you should never travel without our app:

 You will never need to look at a departure board again!

Some of the handiest features about the app relate to your flights – this includes gate number, changes to flight time, flight boarding alert are all included. If your flight is adversely affected your personal Travel Counsellor is informed to ensure the impact to your journey is minimised. Many companies charge for this service, but we don't.

You can access everything offline

Have you ever landed somewhere and you need to access your documentation online, but you can’t find the WiFi? The myTC app lets you access all your important information like driver details and hotel addresses offline, so you can ease into your holiday.

Everything is in the one place

myTC aggregates all the information you need into one spot, so you don’t need to log on to your separate airline app, hotel app or your payment app. And you can contact your TC from anywhere, at anytime.

You can brag about your amazing holiday on social media to your family and friends.  

Everyone loves to post their holiday pictures online With my TC you can share your journey with others on social media. And if you’d like to shout about the fantastic service you received from your Travel Counsellor, you can share their contact details with your friends and family too!

 The free myTC app is available now on the Apple App and Google Play Stores. If you don't have a Travel Counsellor, you can find one on our website!

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