Places you never thought to visit

30 December 2019

Craving an adventure to somewhere completely different to the usual travel hotspots? These destinations are just waiting to welcome you!


Full of archaeological surprises, Armenia’s rich cultural heritage is found in verdant valleys full of medieval architecture. As the first Christian country in the world, empires have risen and fallen in this proud nation. In Armenia, old teahouses sit alongside new bars. Hipster fashion blends with babushka scarves. And sidewalk restaurants spread cheer through traditional music, sizzling barbeques and potent oghi (fruit liqueur). From soaking up the breath-taking scenery at Tatev Monastery, to visiting the world’s oldest cathedral in Gyumri, Armenia is a welcoming place full of surprises.


In Azerbaijan, history is alive in the art, cuisine, music and dance of the country. Archaeological treasures and geological oddities can be found between lush orchards, forested mountains and Martian landscapes. Whether viewing the petroglyphs of Gobustan, watching a traditional song and dance performance in a village or shopping for elaborate, handwoven carpets in Baku, Azerbaijan represents a deep dive into an entirely different culture.


China’s neighbour offers a diverse set of experiences suited to adventurous travellers in search of a trip full of authenticity. The busy capital of Ulaanbaatar is a city where craft breweries and Buddhist monasteries coexist while the Gobi Desert is a place of wild beauty and dunes as far as the eye can see. Home to a large population of nomadic people, the way of life in Mongolia is far removed from the certainty of living in the city, and offers visitors a chance to be immersed in an existence completely unlike their own.


A part of the historical patchwork trade route known as the Silk Road, Kazakhstan is a standout destination for culture vultures and history lovers. From cosmopolitan cities to remote and rugged lands, wild and wonderful Kazakhstan offers an escape from the tourist trail. Kazaks are extremely proud of their heritage, so visitors are well placed to learn all about the history of this country both in the leafy urban centres and tiny hillside villages.


You’ll be met by shouts of “Welcome to Iran” the second you step foot in the liberal city of Tehran. Explore captivating palaces and Persian gardens before settling into a teahouse to interact with locals. Discover the jewel in Iran’s crown, Isfahan. Explore the kaleidoscopic mosques and markets of Shiraz. And see the ruins of Persepolis – the once great capital of the Persian Empire. Iran has a wealth of treasures just waiting to be seen.

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