Season’s Best: What to see (and when to see it) in Manitoba

15 November 2019

One of the best places in Canada to see polar bears, beluga whales, explosions of wildflowers and the famous northern lights, Manitoba is a province well worth adding to your itinerary. As with most travel experiences, timing is everything. If you’ve got your heart set on seeing or experiencing something special, be sure to time your trip to give you the very best chance of fulfilling your travel dreams.

Here’s what to see while exploring the outdoors in Manitoba (and when to make it happen):

Beluga Whales

During June, July and August (summer), thousands of beluga whales can be found migrating through the rivers and estuaries of Manitoba. With the highest concentration of beluga whales on the planet, this corner of Canada offers the best chance to see these friendly, curious creatures. If you’re keen on seeing the gentle white whales gracefully gliding through the water, then take the opportunity to view them from up close on a guided kayaking expedition – it’s an experience you’ll never forget! If you’re not into kayaking, hop aboard a boat and enjoy a whale watching tour instead.   


The warmer months are also the perfect time to see Manitoba’s beautiful wildflowers in full bloom. Found in the prairies and woodlands, the colourful carpets of wildflowers take nature hiking to the next level during summertime. Whether you go for a quick day hike along one of the shorter trails in Riding Mountain National Park or head off on a multi-day mountain biking adventure, summer is guaranteed to deliver a bounty of bright, beautiful wildflowers.

Polar Bears

Offering the most accessible population of polar bears on the planet, Churchill is known as a polar bear hub. October and November are the best months to spot polar bears in the area, with about 80% of visits to Churchill happening within a 6 week season spanning October and November. 900-1000 polar bears frequent the area, so your chances are good! Outside of these two months it’s still possible to polar bears, even in summer. Head out in a tundra vehicle to see polar bears wandering the landscapes or splash out on a multi-day stay in a luxe tundra lodge to spend even more quality time with the great white marine mammals that are very much the star of the show in Churchill.

Northern lights

If seeing the magical green-hued ribbons of light dance across the sky is on your must-do list, then make a beeline for Manitoba. Located under the aurora oval, the northern lights above Churchill can be viewed more than 300 nights per year. Despite this, the long nights and cooler temperatures of winter present the best conditions for aurora viewing, with clear skies providing the best viewing opportunities. With this in mind, February – April is considered prime time for northern lights tourism in Manitoba. 


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