The Kimberley

29 November 2017


The vast Kimberley region is located in the northwest part of Western Australia and is home to many magnificent natural charms. Travel along the Gibb River Road to find the most famous Kimberley gorges perfect for hiking, swimming and waterfall spotting. Well known ones include the Lennard Gorge, Geikie Gorge, Windjana Gorge and Sir John Gorge.

Another great site to hike and swim is along the Fitzroy River. Staying in the outback town of Fitzroy Crossing will open travellers up to the history and Indigenous culture. The Mimbi Caves, located 90 kilometers south of Fitzroy Crossing, is an ancient underground system made of limestone formations and ancient reefs. The beautiful freshwater pools loop through the caves exposing the fossil remains of the Devonian Great Barrier Reef formed 350 million years ago. Travellers can explore the caves with Girloorloo, the local indigenous tour group, and embark on a ride through the pools while learning the history of the rock formations, and the cave’s spiritual significance to the Gooniyandi People.

The Windjana Gorge is where red earthy ranges meet lush vegetation and lagoons. Here, travellers can encounter ancient limestone walls and search for freshwater crocodiles. An incredible site to visit is the Bungle Bungle Ranges. The ranges are made up of hundreds of huge sandstone domes, 30 metres high. Their beehiveshaped turrets formed in the Red Basin a whopping 375-350 million years ago. To get an excellent birds-eye view, take a scenic flight or, better yet a close-up 4WD land tour. One of the best ways to see the Kimberley is to cruise it. Along the many available routes guests will get to experience island hopping, swimming in waterholes, lazing on beautiful sandy beaches and witnessing ancient Aboriginal rock art. The coastline is also home to various bird species, whales, saltwater crocodiles and dolphins. Cruise to the remote islands of Buccaneer Archipelago, and anchor in the pristine ocean water. On land, discover the rich wild flora and fauna, and look for the remains of Aboriginal rock art.

Halls Creek, a town in the Eastern Kimberley is the perfect launchpad for exploring the many nearby attractions like the China Wall – a 6-metre tall white quartz structure, Old Halls Creek – the discovery site of a 870 gram gold nugget, and Wolfe Creek Crater. The Wolfe Creek crater (that featured in the Australian horror flick ‘Wolf Creek’) is an impressive 875-metre wide, and 60-metre deep crater that formed around 300,000 years ago. The Kimberley Ranges will take travellers through the remote and exciting parts of Australia, to explore the untouched beauty of nature’s most incredible wonders.

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