The Next Big Thing: Small Ship Cruising

09 July 2019

The Next Big Thing: Small Ship Cruising

They say that good things come in small packages and this is certainly true when it comes to Micro-Cruising. Whether it’s hugging the glittering coastline of Croatia, island-hopping in Greece, slowly sailing down the Mekong or forging past ice floes in Alaska, Micro-Cruising aboard a small vessel is proving to be a popular way for travellers to see the world in a truly unique way.

No matter if you’re a frequent cruiser or a new convert, a micro cruise offers many benefits that you don’t get when cruising on big ships. Not sure if Micro-Cruising is for you? Here’s what to expect.

Out-of-the-ordinary vessels

When you’re Micro-Cruising, chances are you’ll be aboard a vessel with a strong personality, quirky features and fascinating origins. From stepping aboard a majestic tall ship, to setting sail on a traditional junk, hopping on a river barge or boarding a tug boat, there’s a huge variety of unique, small vessels available to cruise destinations like France, Alaska, Fiji, Greece, Burma and beyond.

Fewer crowds

Cruising aboard a big ocean liner generally involves pulling into a huge, busy port after spending many days at sea. Offering a totally different experience, a micro cruise allows you to stop in at smaller port towns and out-of-the-way places. Smaller vessels are nimble and less restricted in where they can go, meaning you can anchor in small bays, sail into secluded inlets, navigate down narrow rivers and stop at less frequented towns.

Deeper friendships

Smaller vessels give you the opportunity to really get to know other cruisers. Unlike sharing a massive ship with thousands of other passengers, a micro cruise is a more intimate experience. Giving you the chance to form strong connections with people from around the world, going on a micro cruise is more than just taking a holiday, it’s joining a friendly community at sea.

Personalised options

Whether you’re planning a family reunion or special group trip to celebrate a milestone birthday, it’s possible to charter a small, crewed vessel for private use. Vessel options range from one to seventy cabins, so no matter if you’re travelling as a couple or with a big group of extended family and friends, a private micro cruise is an option worth considering.

Connection to nature

Large cruise liners with casinos, night clubs, theatres and multiple restaurants offer many distractions. While fun, it’s easy to forget that there’s a big world out there waiting to be discovered. Aboard a smaller vessel you can do things you couldn’t do on big ships. From jumping off a yacht straight into a lagoon in Croatia, to stepping off a boat onto a white sand beach in the Maldives and waving to kids playing on the riverbanks in Vietnam, your connection to the world around you is boosted when Micro-Cruising. Considering adding a micro cruise to your travel plans?

Ask your Travel Counsellor about the 100+ destinations you can explore aboard a small boat.

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