Top 5 Reasons your next Holiday should be on a Train

18 October 2017

Train travel is becoming an increasingly popular option for travellers around the world. It’s a unique mode of transportation, offers privileged access to views you may not see otherwise, and allows travellers to fully relax.

Rocky Mountaineer, the luxury tourist train operating in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, cuts through the Canadian Rockies showcasing glacier-fed lakes, towering mountains and ample wildlife at every turn, and is a great example of why train travel has it all. Read on to see why a train journey on Rocky Mountaineer should be on your must-do list.

Mouth-Watering Cuisine

A journey onboard Rocky Mountaineer is a feast for the senses with gourmet cuisine accompanied by stunning scenery and award-winning service. Although the kitchen—or galley as it’s called on a train—is small, it is powerful. The menu is inspired by the bounty of the passing regions, highlighting ingredients such as fresh salmon, prime Alberta beef, and local berries. With hot breakfasts and three-course lunches, accompanied by local wine and beer, there’s something spectacular about allowing your meals become part of the journey, not just a stop along the way.

Front Row to Wildlife

Trains often travel in more remote areas—directly alongside the coast, through the mountains and into the forests. Rocky Mountaineer goes from sea to sky, cruising beside rivers and lakes, offering a front-row seat to all nature has to offer. The all-daylight journey ensures that you won’t miss a moment of the exciting scenery in an area of the world that is spoiled in landscapes, but also travels right beside many animals habitats. The all-domed cars, unique to Rocky Mountaineer, let you take in the soaring birds above, the big-horned sheep outside the window and even maybe a grizzly bear fishing in a river below.

Moments to Appreciate

Many of the tourist trains that exist around the world operate at a slower pace. You’re meant to savour the scenery and areas you are travelling through as, with trains, the journey really is just as important as the destinations they travel between. Rocky Mountaineer’s onboard experience the all-dome fleet features rich, historic storytelling by a team of onboard hosts so you can fully appreciate the passing views. And with lunch served in the lower level’s elegant dining room, there’s space and time to make new friends onboard as you share a delicious meal.

Destinations worth the journey

Although the train journey is the highlight of a trip, stopping in magical destinations is an important part as well. From Vancouver and Seattle, to the mountain towns of Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper, the train weaves through a mix of cosmopolitan cities, small towns, and vast landscapes. As you roll right into the city, there’s something conveniently luxurious about a train station’s proximity to hotels. And Rocky Mountaineer takes care of it all—from the luggage transport to the coach transfer to even providing hotel keys onboard—making the entire experience seamless.

Sights Unseen

Rocky Mountaineer goes from sea to sky, cruising beside rivers and lakes, offering a front-row seat to all nature has to offer. Rocky Mountaineer winds through historic areas of Western Canada and through the Canadian Rockies past key moments in history and cascading waterfalls you may not see by foot or car. Mount Robson, the tallest peak in the Rockies, rolls by majestically as you peer up from your sauvignon blanc. Hells Gate’s rushing waters are seen from below as you listen to the host retell the story of how it got its name.

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