Wellness in Whistler

28 November 2019

With an abundance of day spas, yoga studios, healthy cafes, nature trails and fresh mountain air, Whistler has all the ingredients for a nourishing wellness trip. Whether you’re heading over on a solo journey or planning a DIY retreat with your partner or friends, here’s why you should head to Whistler for your next wellness getaway:

  1. Spas galore

A wellness break isn’t complete without at least one pampering session. Whistler has many spas that offer treatments like massages, facials, body wraps and more. Choose to book a soothing beauty treatment at one of the spas located within one of Whistler’s luxury hotels, or try an invigorating sports massage at a health club – either way, Whistler has all your massage and beauty treatment needs covered. 

  1. Yoga on tap

There’s no need to forego your regular yoga practice when you’re holidaying in Whistler. The town is home to several yoga studios that welcome visitors of all abilities, so incorporating a few yoga sessions into your stay is easy in Whistler.

  1. Healthy eats

Sure, Whistler is known for its craft breweries but it’s also got a solid list of plant-based eateries that focus on serving vegan, vegetarian and organic meals and treats. In Whistler you’ll find juice bars, vegan bakeries, cafes that serve kombucha on tap and restaurants that plate up farm-to-table vegetarian fare using the best seasonal ingredients.

  1. Hydrotherapy hotspot

Nourish your mind, body and soul with a trip to Whistler’s traditional Finnish-style hydrotherapy baths. Boost your circulation by immersing yourself in hot, then cold water, then rehydrate in the lounge area with a warm mug of herbal tea and a good book.   

  1. Mindful walks in nature

While keeping up to date with friends and family back home is important for many travellers, having regular breaks from your smartphone is a wise way to boost your mood and cultivate mindfulness while away from home. Whistler’s walking trails are the ideal environment to spend some time in when you’re on a digital detox. Simply turn your phone off, slip it in your pocket, and head off for a leisurely wander along one of Whistler’s many lower elevation nature trails or gently undulating lakeside paths. 




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