Why Fiji is the ultimate place for a multi-generational holiday

31 March 2020

Image courtesy of Tourism Fiji

Family holidays can end up making sweet memories that last a lifetime, but travelling with extended family from many generations can sometimes prove to be challenging, especially if you choose an unsuitable destination. If you’re intending to organise a family reunion trip or bring grandparents along on your annual break, Fiji is one of the best destinations for multi-generational groups. Here’s why:


Resorts, resorts and more resorts

With kid’s clubs, a range of onsite dining options, swimming pools and babysitters able to be arranged at a moment’s notice - resorts make life easy for travelling families. Having everything you need in one place means that you don’t have to worry about arranging transport if you want to enjoy dinner or work out what to do with the kids – because it’s all there and taken care of. There’s a reason resorts are so popular with families – they make it easy to relax and enjoy yourself. Fiji has a wide range of resorts, and while there are some resorts only suitable for couples, there are plenty that cater to travelling families by offering babysitting services, kid’s activities, adjoining rooms or private villas, aqua play areas for children of all ages, and beach bars and day spas for the adults.


Ease of travel

With a relatively short flight time from Australia, a trip to Fiji allows family groups to avoid a punishing long-haul flight that will test the nerves of parents and grandparents and damage children’s sleep routines. Instead of arriving feeling zapped of energy and grumpy, a flight to Fiji is a manageable prospect, even for the elderly or people travelling with babies. Once you arrive, Fiji’s English-speaking population makes communicating far easier than in other countries, and as a destination geared towards tourism, Fijians understand the needs of travelling families and will do everything to accommodate and include children and babies.


Family-friendly food options

Food is a big part of any holiday, and there’s nothing worse than travelling in a destination where you struggle to decipher the menu or find something that is safe for the kids to eat. Unlike some other destinations, Fijian food options aren’t as challenging as in many other places, making it a good place for fussy kids or unadventurous grandparents used to simple menus. Resorts typically have a wide range of food options (leaning towards Western-style food) and kid’s menus are commonplace, so you can avoid the stress that sometimes comes with choosing an appropriate place to eat.


There’s something for everyone

If you’re travelling with a big family group, you might struggle to please everyone. The good news is that if you have a brother that loves adventure sports, a dad that is a keen golfer, kids that could spend all day in the pool and a sister-in-law that wants to spend quality time in a day spa, then you could feasibly make that happen all in one day in Fiji. The variety of activities on offer in Fiji ensures that everyone is taken care of – so you can sit back and relax with a cocktail under a palm tree and not worry if everyone is having fun!

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Images courtesy of Tourism Fiji and Chris McLennan

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