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13 December 2019

These days, there are many ways to book travel, but arranging your travel with a Travel Counsellor unlocks several advantages and conveniences not available elsewhere. Here are four, key extras you get when you book with a Travel Counsellor:

Top level financial protection

Every year, many unlucky Aussie travellers end up losing their hard-earned money through no fault of their own. Whether they’ve been scammed by untrustworthy travel agents or booked a flight online only to be stung by hidden charges, there are many ways travellers can be ripped off. Thankfully, every booking made with a Travel Counsellor is fully covered, which means your money is always safe no matter what. If a cruise company goes into administration, not only will your deposit or payment be safe, you’ll have a dedicated Travel Counsellor working round-the-clock to find alternative arrangements.

Expert advice from someone who cares

Caring is something Travel Counsellors excel at. Instead of viewing customers as numbers, Travel Counsellors take the time to really get to know the person behind the booking. It’s not uncommon for Travel Counsellors to meet clients at a café or visit their home for a chat about travel over a cuppa. Taking the time to ask questions and get to know you means that your Travel Counsellor can book a cruise that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Round the clock service, day and night, all year long

If something goes wrong while you’re overseas, your Travel Counsellor will move swiftly to arrange new plans for you. But what if it’s 3am in Australia? Surely your Travel Counsellor won’t be contactable? The good news is that no matter what time of day it is, you’ll always be able to receive help from the Travel Counsellors team via the dedicated Duty Office team. Whether you’re experiencing a medical emergency and need to change your travel plans, or have to rebook flights on short notice to avoid a typhoon, the Travel Counsellors Duty Office is on hand 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Help at your fingertips

Your Travel Counsellor in your pocket, the myTC app was developed in-house by the Travel Counsellors technology team. A free, easy-to-use smartphone app, myTC is a handy tool for accessing itineraries, live flight details and more. You can even access important information like driver details and hotel addresses offline – very helpful for when you’re out-of-range or can’t connect to Wi-Fi.


For more information on the benefits of booking with a Travel Counsellor, get in touch!

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