Duma Safaris Hosts A Truly Unique and Memorable Tour

Hannah Foster on 07 February 2018

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Timbavati is a private nature reserve with open borders to the famous Kruger National Park. It is part of the Greater Kruger ecosystem, which offers an authentic wildlife experience. All of the Big Five animals can be spotted, including the elusive leopard. You will spend the days on morning and afternoon game drives in the Timbavati Game Reserve on the lookout for iconic African wildlife the area is famous for.

During the middle of the day, a photographic tutorial lesson will be conducted by your host & wildlife photographer Bobby-Jo Vial to ensure you get them most out of your camera and amazing wildlife sightings. As well as photography lessons you will learn how to professionally edit your photos to ensure they stand out from the crowd!

Included in this safari package is a unique opportunity to accompany wildlife veterinarians & professionals and participate in sedating and micro-chipping up to two wild Southern White Rhinoceros. The ongoing levels of poaching affecting rhinos all over the world remain very high due to the black-market demand for their horns which sees their horns sold for more than USD $60,000 per kilo. This region of South Africa is where the highest numbers of rhinos are poached each year throughout Africa and this hands-on conservation experience will give you a unique insight into the issues and threats facing rhinos in South Africa and an opportunity to learn a bit more about the species and contribute to their conservation and protection.

Duma Safaris has been created by Bobby-Jo Vial & Bradd Johnston who are both incredibly passionate about Africa and its wildlife. Both have been travelling to and hosting safaris in Africa for over a decade and in the process, have developed a network of contacts and relationships with camps, safari guides and local safari operators which allow us to organise your safari with trusted and reliable local operators. Duma Safaris has been developed to deliver value based wildlife photography safaris to some of the most amazing wildlife habitats left in Africa with a genuine focus on quality and providing all guests a real value for money experience. Many of our tours will make a genuine difference to wildlife conservation by visiting specific projects and providing guests with a unique insight into on-the-ground projects and raising the funds necessary to continue this important work.

This photographic safari run by your host Bobby-Jo Vial promises some amazing wildlife opportunities that will provide a memorable backdrop whilst learning the art of photography from a very down-to-earth and passionate photographer. Between morning and afternoon game drives, you will spend time with Bobby-Jo, developing your photography skills and learning some helpful hints on how to get the best out of your images.

This tour is centred on providing a real value for money experience, staying at comfortable and unique camps & lodges with other like-minded wildlife enthusiasts and you are almost guaranteed to come home with some iconic African images that you will be proud of.

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