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Jennifer Mikkelsen

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Hi and welcome.

All my life I have known that travel is in my blood and that is probably because I started from a very early age.

My professional travels though began with tour guiding overseas, which progressed on to working within the retail, corporate leisure and wholesale sectors. I've been in and out of the industry for thirty one years and explored somewhere in the region of sixty countries, and this has rewarded me with many fulfilling and memorable experiences.

I’ll narrow down some of my favourite highlights, though there are of course many as you can see. Firstly there’s the people, architecture, culture, scenery, oh and the food just everywhere. That’s a given.

And experiences – well, trekking the High Atlas in Morocco and the Himalayas, going on safari in Africa, Christmas markets in Germany, skiing in Switzerland, New Zealand and Canada and exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains in both Autumn and winter, traversing the Tibetan plateau from Nepal through China to Pakistan over the Khunjerab pass, gentle Cambodia and Burma untouched, the magnificent desert valley of Wadi Rum in Jordan, Yukon's Dawson city, the culture and elegance of Europe and travelling the length and breadth of Scandinavia to culminate in the magnificent midnight sun in Norway, hip Berlin, vibrant New York, watching polar bears and sitting literally one metre away from walrus in the Arctic whilst on a circumnavigation of Spitzbergen, soaking up exotic India from the Keralan backwaters to the northern delights of Rajasthan, being mesmerised by the Taj Mahal to the rugged and beautiful landscapes of Afghanistan and Iran, the opera in Verona, Bhutan and all its wonder, hiking/cycling anywhere and our very own spectacular country that we live in.

So why book with a home based agent!. I have more time to devote to your itinerary, have more flexibility and I care about what you want and will strive to make it happen for you. I’m also there for you from the beginning to the end, even whilst you are overseas.

My motivation and satisfaction is derived from seeing happy clients at the end of their journey. Listening is my forte, so if you prefer friendly and professional personal service, whatever your plans, allow me to help you create your memories.

Remember, it is not the destination, but the journey and all that lies within it.


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