Abu Dhabi Part 2

Kris Higgins on 12 October 2019

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Saturday and after a good nights sleep we are up and having breakfast to get ready for another big day. Breakfast itself at the Ritz-Carlton is an absolute smorgasbord the variety is outstanding from cereal, fruits, continental breakfast, Asian breakfast and a chef who cooks fabulous omelets. Then it was check out time and loaded back into the bus and to the Falcon Hospital. I think this was a highlight for me as I love animals and was very interested in how this works. The falcons are a national bird for the UAE and some of them cost USD20000 or more. The owners will bring them to the hospital if they are hurt or even if they just want to board them while they go away.

The birds are treated like children by their owners and have their own air-conditioned rooms and fly Business or first class with their own passports. When they birds come to the hospital they are put through basically all the same tests as a human and have x-rays and blood tests etc. They are put to sleep when they have their talons clipped and files and also if they lose a wing, it is matched and then they will reinsert a new feather. They have opened the hospital up to look after any birds that are brought in and also they now have a dog and cat shelter. I could have stayed there for ages learning bout these beautiful birds.

Next was back to the Ritz-Carlton and lunch and a hotel inspection for 2 hours.

After lunch we headed off again to check in at the Yas Hotel which is situated on Yas Island and is the only hotel built over the Formula One track in the world. Another fantastic hotel even though it is in the middle of a huge renovation and will become a W-Hotel once completed. In each of the rooms we received a chocolate Formula One car and a box of Macaroons and to top it off beautiful views over the marina. This hotel is very central to a lot of the theme parks and a shopping mall.

Next tour starts at 3.20pm and is the Yas Marina Circuit which is home to the Annual Formula One Etihad Airways Grand Prix and much more. It has an extensive year round programme of professional and grass roots motor sport events and community events in the UAE. On Sundays you can also walk or ride a bike around the track.

That was it for another day and what a day we then went out for dinner and had an early night.

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