How to avoid the extra charges on Budget Airlines.

Kris Higgins on 04 September 2017

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Want to avoid additional chares on the budget airlines... here are a few tips:

1. Think before you buy.

2. Read up and know your limitations in the cabin and take carry on only.

3. Pack your own nibbles and food as long as it is consumed before arriving at your destination, you are ok (Internationally). Domestically it is usually fruit that is an issue travelling from Queensland.

4. Take your own in-flight entertainment i.e. I-Pad, book etc.

5. Try and avoid pandering to their add ons, do your math. As the price escalates you may as well travel on a full-service Airline, it’s a competitive market, save yourself some disappointments.

PS….. Jetstar has put up its Australian domestic charges at the airport as at August 15, why? Because they can and they know most people don’t put a lot of thought into travelling. They get you every time. Don’t let them.

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