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Kris Higgins on 04 September 2017

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Are you getting what you deserve out of your travel agent? Here are a few things you should be asking:

1. Is the Agent you have chosen experienced to guide you on where to stay and what to do that suits the destination/s you are interested in visiting?

2. Are they offering the airline(s) that best suit your requirements? Your requirements might be “can I upgrade on this airfare”, “what are the costs to make changes prior to travel beginning and whilst you are away”.

3. Who do you call and whats the phone number? Whilst you are overseas generally the agent will pass the responsibility to the airline and if multiple airlines are utilised, its the dominant airline, usually the first carrier out of Australia.

4. Can I cancel prior to travel beginning? Usually you can, it will however have a cancellation fee so ask what that fee is. If your airfare is non refundable you would be able to keep in credit and use to a equal or higher fare with fees to somewhere in the network of the carrier utilised.

5. Ask the agent to organise your special meals if required and seat requirements. What's on offer?.

6. Are children/toddler/infant meals required. Ask them to book them in.

7. Do you require wheelchair assistance or any other special requirements? If the agent knows this, they can enquire with the Airlines on your behalf.

8. Once your ticket is issued has the Agent given you an itinerary and receipt. Meaning does your itinerary have a ticket number on your documentation. Thats the contract between you and the carrier to uplift you.

9. Have they added in your Frequent Flyer membership? A good habit to be in is to keep your boarding passes anyway and claim retrospectively in case some flights are missed.

10. Have they offered you insurance options either “one trip” or “annual policy” for multiple trips? Read what it covers and go knowing you have adequate cover.

11. Have they checked passport/s for at least 6 months validity (in general) for travel overseas and does name on ticket/s match passport name exactly without typing errors?

12. If situation/s change beyond your control whilst you are away usually the Airline will take control anyway. Be mindful of and view your booking on line periodically for any changes.

Not getting the service you desire. Book direct with Travel Counsellors as we are independent and have gained the experience to support you on your travels. .

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