Kris Higgins on 17 June 2018

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People are always asking ‘why should I take out Travel Insurance’?! Well I can tell you many reasons why it is best that you do and hopefully you will take it out automatically from now on.

When I was working in the Airline Industry I got a lot of calls from people asking for refunds, changes, assistance and even free flights due to medical and work situations all of which would have been covered by Insurance. When asked if they had Insurance it was always the same answer " I didn't think I would need it" or "This was unexpected". This is what insurance is for, the unexpected not the expected. Insurance can cover for not only medical conditions but also if your boss cancels your holiday leave, you are made redundant from your employment, it covers you and your immediate family if sickness prevents you from travelling. It can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in medical bills and if you are delayed in returning home and you have pets in kennel care then this is also covered for a certain amount and time.

It is best to take the policy when you make your booking as it costs the same as if you leave it till the day before you leave and you get the cover from the time you pay for the policy so if you break a leg 2 days after you make your booking, you are covered. There are single use policies and also an Annual policy for people who travel a lot of the year. There are differences in the polices so you need to read the PDF carefully and make sure you are getting what you need. You also need to be upfront with any medical conditions so you are sure to be covered for what you need to be. There are a number of pre-existing conditions which are already covered.

So please remember to take out insurance at the earliest possible moment you can and be covered this way you can have peace of mind on your trip.

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