MS Noordam

Kris Higgins on 17 January 2018

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MS Noordam – WOW what a great and fabulous ship. I had the honour of being included on a famil from Dunedin to Hobart with several other agents from all over the place. Arrived in Dunedin and waited for the chance to embark and see this beautiful ship. I was stoked to see I was sharing with a lovely agent similar in age to myself and that we had a balcony room.

The rooms are very well laid out and have 2 single beds, lounge, desk area, a lot of cupboard space and the bathroom is a good size as well.

Got settled then off to explore the ship, first call was to attend the Emergency drill and learn about life jackets and where the boats are etc. This was done professionally with a touch of humour so not too dry or boring for people. Then it was off again and no expectations from the company except to enjoy ourselves, explore the ship, attend a cocktail party and 3 hosted dinners and a 2-hour training course.

Off I went to have a look at the library, the bars, the restaurants and just a general feel for the ship and then off to the balcony to have a look at the view as we were leaving port. The first night was a cocktail party so we all got to meet the other agents and our hosts Helen and Faye. The service, the view and the food were great. I found the little touches to add up for example if people are sitting in the Crow’s Nest and having a drink and reading or watching the view suddenly, a waiter will appear with a little tray of about 4 canapes for the passenger to try. What a great idea.

The night-time entertainment was spectacular I went to the BB King's with a few of the other agents and it was great music, great atmosphere and a fab night.

The next day was a day of rest and relax as the ship maneuvered its way through the sounds and the passengers got to see so much wildlife and beauty and at the time of watching there was a commentary going on in the background that you could listen to or tune out. Learnt so much in one day and saw so much beauty. Was a nice smooth and spectacular day to experience this.

Monday night we dined at Canaletto restaurant and OMG it was soooo gooood. The food is meant to be shared which we did and there were so many different options to meet everyone’s needs or dietary requirements and I think I rolled out of there.

Then off for more night-time entertainment and this time I went to see the David Attenborough Frozen Earth commentary with orchestral music. Sop touching and beautiful. Another fantastic day and time for a read and bed. Tuesday was training day 2 hours and so informative and fun. The Holland America reps. Faye and Helen are so enthusiastic and knowledgeable that it makes learning interesting and easy. I could have listened to them for ages however I knew I had more things to see and do onboard and that I would talk to them at dinner again that night. Off to cruise the ship (excuse the pun) and had a great hamburger at the poolside, people watching and just enjoying the sun and beautiful weather. Such a smooth crossing. I visited every nook and cranny and found so many things to do and see. There are books, games, video’s, movies, kid’s clubs, more eating places and more drinking places to talk about and yet you never feel crowded or hassled.

Dinner Tuesday night was in the main dining room and again the food and service was fantastic. You would never starve on any cruise and the only problem is the wide choice that you have and how to pace yourself so you get to try everything. After dinner, it was off again to one of the many options of nightlife offered onboard choices and more choices.

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