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Kris Higgins on 30 January 2018

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Here is my last journal for January... make sure you see the brilliant blood orange blue moon on the 31st January 2018!

This month I share a few of the things that I take on my travels to help me in the case of emergencies...

1. Super Glue - This can have so many uses and saves you from shoe disasters, bag disasters, and so many other uses and you will be amazed how much time and money it can save you.

2. I collect ear plugs as these come in use for when flying and try and drown out some of the noise onboard. They also help if someone in the room with you or next door to you is snoring.

3. A sarong comes in handy as a towel, a blanket, a picnic rug or tablecloth, a shawl or even for shade. Again, there are so many ways to use a sarong and they do not take up much space at all.

4. A torch, especially if you are out and about at night time. Using your mobile toch app can drain your battery so an actual torch can save on slips and falls and also allows you to read at night time or do other things when your roomies are sleeping.

5. Definitely a universal adaptor especially with a USB charger port and also a power bank in case you cannot find a charger.

6. A hat is also handy as this can also be good for your health and save you from severe heat stroke. A nice floppy crushable one that doesn't take up much room ir great.

7. I would recommend a squashable bag that you can take on day trips for your water bottle, shopping, raincoat or umbrella (no one ever melted in the rain), tablet, camera and then it can back up if you are too enthusiastic with your shopping purchases.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and it gives you a few ideas of some of the things you may not have thought to take!

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