Should you Travel?

Kris Higgins on 04 September 2017

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If you feel it’s just not the right time to utilise your airline ticket due to...

- Incidents regarding terrorism worldwide - Weather phenomena - Political/Religious unrest - Delayed arrival of an incoming ship

... then it's worth knowing the guidelines that the airlines release to their staff to help passengers with these or similar situations. The guidelines may vary slightly however there is always a series of options offered to the travelling public for all situations:

1.Store the ticket in credit if travel has not begun and use it at a later date to an itinerary of equal or higher value somewhere in the network offered. Without the fees. Always ask how long you have to use it. 2. Cancel without penalty, usually the last offered to passengers. 3. Rebook to new dates same destination without the fees. 4. Sometimes late arriving ships have volume onward travel booked on their preferred Airline to the passengers home port. Usually, these can be adjusted with minimal or no penalty. 5. Your Agent can liaise with the Airline on your behalf, make sure the Agent works hard in your favour.

As usual if you are not getting the support from your Travel Agent, consider booking with a Travel Counsellor. We are experienced and support our clientele well, day and night. If you're not sure about the region you are travelling to, don't forget to always check for travel updates on

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