Stepping back in time with the Egyptian pharaohs!

Samantha Riddell on 01 January 2018

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Egypt is defiantly on my list to travel back to and explore some more! I was lucky enough to have worked in Egypt for 6 months and had the opportunity to visit some of the amazing attractions that Egypt has on offer!

A trip to Cairo took me to see the Pyramids of Giza – the last remaining wonder of the ancient world! You will defiantly be amazed when your stood at the foot of the Great Pyramid looking up and wonder how they managed to build such a structure all those years ago. After centuries of research they still cannot agree how and why the pyramids were built! You can enter the Great Pyramid for a price, our local guide advised that it was a bit of a tourist trap, although I now regret not taking the opportunity to go and explore inside the pyramid! After all you would probably only visit them once in your life time! The Giza Pyramid are right on the boarder or the city so you can head to the Cairo museum after your visit to the pyramids. Cairo Museum is one of the best museum I’ve ever been in (following the British museum in London). The number of artefacts are amazing and if you’re interested in the Egyptian and Roman history it defiantly is worth putting on your list!

Further down the Nile you can fly in to Luxor which is the gateway to the Valley of the Kings which is famous for the young boy king Tutankhamun. Access to the Valley of the Kings will take you down in to his tomb, it’s a steep decent down so make sure your wearing sensible shoes! Whilst there, visit Ramses VI tomb, originally started by Ramses V. The tomb itself is one of the biggest in the Valley of the kings and the walls are painted in rich blues and golds which still hold the vibrant colour today after all those years.

Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple and the Valley of the queens are all worth exploring. The Egyptian history has so many different changes and adapts along its journey. You will see a variety of architecture that evolves though the years, not to mention the hieroglyphs on the walls that tell the story!

Whilst in Egypt make sure you take a boat trip out on the Red Sea which moors at the Ras Mohammed Nation park. The sea is so blue and the sand is like white powder! Alternatively, head in to the desert on a quad bike adventure or a camel ride and have dinner with the Bedouin people, watch as they cook dinner on a rock heated by the fire underneath! If you are in to stargazing, it is a good place to see all the constellations before joining in to a native Bedouin dance around the fire!

St Catherine’s Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai is also a must see. Mount Sinai is where Moses is said to have received the 10 commandments and the Monastery dates back to 565AD. The Monastery itself was built around the “burning bush” and tourists flock to St Catherine’s to see this. A small town with hotels and swimming pools, called Saint Catherine City, has grown around the monastery. There are plenty of ways to explore Egypt, whether you want to stay in a tourist resort, head to the city’s or head down the Nile on a cruise. The Egyptian people are genuine people that will go above and beyond to please you and provide some of the best customer focus experiences I have come across whilst working in many different countries!

Go on travel back in time… I’ll meet you there!

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