5 Steps to Enforce Your Corporate Travel Policy

Tracy Dodsworth on 28 June 2019

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Travel policy compliance is the bane of many travel manager’s life. We look at ways to make it easy when enforcing your travel policy.

1. Get the policy right – If you’ve built your corporate travel policy around the needs of staff, there should be little reason for staff to make non-compliant purchases. 2. Choose your partners wisely - Choose good partners that your staff trusts and wants to work with – and that you can rely on to discourage off-list spending. 3. Use your travel management company - With your travel management company enforcing your policy on your behalf, your life will be much easier! 4. Communicate quickly with non-compliant offenders - If you have the ability to identify non-compliant spending as it happens, you can act quickly to speak with the travellers concerned. Understand why the non-compliant spending occurred – but be clear, penalties will apply. 5. Analyse non-compliant travel - Your travel management company can help analyse non-compliant spending to help you identify and understand areas of non-compliance. Once you know the cause you can act to prevent it.

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