Are You Just A Number

Tracy Dodsworth on 19 September 2019

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Are You Just A Number?

We all HATE feeling like just a number. It doesn't matter if it’s your billing, reference or even customer number, because being a "customer number" you’re supposed to feel more important. Thing is - You're still a number. Wouldn't it be great if you could be someone's Partner in business?

At Travel Counsellors that's exactly how we prefer to do business. By being your partner in travel not your travel supplier. We tailor our corporate travel solutions to fit your business.


- It’s called MyTC app– it will co-ordinate your travel arrangements, flight updates, you can even access it off line - Need to negotiate exclusive hotel and airfare rates - We deal with all the players, and will do it on your behalf. - Want exclusive rates to Airline Club memberships - tick. - Need an on-line booking tool to streamline your day to day travel itineraries. Yes, I've got you covered on that too. - And what's even better - we specifically cater for small to medium business.

If you'd like to be greeted with a Good Morning when making your travel arrangements then give me a call. We'd love to come and chat to you about how we can change your corporate travel experience.

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