Carrot or Stick?

Tracy Dodsworth on 26 July 2019

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Which is your Travel Policy? Travel policy compliance can be the bane of many a travel manager’s life. Lets look at ways to make it easier when enforcing your corporate travel policy.

1. Get the policy right – so travellers want to comply

2. Find executive sponsors - Winning hearts and minds starts with the executive team.

3. Promote the policy internally - The first step to gaining compliance is making the rules easy to understand.

4. Make use of your travel management company - With your travel management company enforcing your policy on your behalf, your life will be much easier!

5. Analyse non-compliant travel - analyse non-compliant spending, once you know the cause you can act swiftly to prevent it.

6. Penalise non-compliance - Remember, if there are no penalties for non-compliant bookings, your policy has no authority.

7. Communicate quickly and frequently with non-compliant offenders - Make the effort to understand why the non-compliant spending occurred – but be clear that the penalties will apply.

8. Create compelling incentives - Travel usually comes with some rewards, airline miles or hotel points.

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