Have you got your Financial Year Travel Report Yet?

Tracy Dodsworth on 05 July 2019

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The question is – what will you do with it? Sometimes these reports can seem overwhelming and come secondary to your everyday workload. Sometimes you need to ask yourself - Is my Travel Management Company still a good fit for my business? - When was the last time you reviewed your choice of Travel Management Company?

Ask your travel bookers for their input too as they will likely have the most contact with them. And, if things are not going well, don’t be afraid to challenge them to put them right. If the situation still does not improve then ask around for recommendations for another supplier. Moving to a new TMC can be pretty straightforward. For example, changing to Travel Counsellors can be as easy as advising your team of a new email, phone number and online login details.

So instead of filing away your Financial Year Travel Review document why not give us a call at Travel Counsellors on 1300 811 125 and see how we can improve the Travel Experience for everyone involved. We just might be the fit you’ve been looking for.

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