The Hidden Costs of Booking your Own Travel – Part 1

Tracy Dodsworth on 09 August 2019

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Business travel represents the second largest line of business expenditure for organisations across the world. Let's take a look at the most common options that companies use, examine some of the costs that come with each...

Travel is booked by senior managers - Senior managers do most of the travelling, and they can make their own travel arrangements, right? Well, they can… but how much is it costing you? These are some of the most experienced, talented and expensive staff in your organisation; couldn’t their time be used more effectively?

Travel is booked by individual travellers - It might not be only the executive team who are travelling; certainly, relying on staff to book their own travel isn’t costing you as much p/hr of time. With already full workloads, does your staff have the time to shop around? Your staff might be happy with the arrangements, but its probably going to cost you more. And why do they keep leaving it to the last minute to book when everything is more expensive?

No matter the size your organisation at Travel Counsellor we can support your business to find the best rates, fulfil your duty of care responsibilities and schedules most effectively.

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