The Traveller’s Guide to a Stress-Free Business Trip

Tracy Dodsworth on 14 June 2019

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Know your entitlements - If you aren't already clear, check with your travel booker or HR exactly what you are entitled to claim for food, entertainment, travel and other necessities, and what evidence you need to provide.

Understand what to do in a crisis - While you are checking about your entitlements, confirm what your obligations are too. You need to know who you need to notify and check in with while you are away. Find out about emergency arrangements and what support services are offered. Knowing you have someone to call if something goes wrong can be reassuring.

Download travel apps before you go - Don't stop at just your office and productivity apps; download any offered by the airlines and hotels you are using. You'll often find really useful information about airport maps, executive lounges. If your company uses a travel management company, download their app. The Travel Counsellors myTC app enables travellers to access essential travel information on and offline.

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