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Tracy Dodsworth on 19 July 2019

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Some SMEs are happy using the travel services of their local high-street travel agent. Perhaps it’s what they’ve always done. Or perhaps travel bookings aren’t a huge expense for the business. Nevertheless, even for small businesses, there are good reasons for switching to a Corporate Specialist. Just some of the benefits you can receive are:

- Access to a wide range of services and deals suited to business travellers - Better control over travel costs - Support in fulfilling your duty of care obligations to staff - Access to a greater range of tools and reporting - Credit facility

Here's what one of our clients had to say... "We’ve got sales managers located all over Australia and Travel Counsellors give us the ability to have 1 policy for everyone. They have streamlined the booking process for all our staff. We don’t have to use our personal credit cards for our business travel anymore. The accountant loves it, she just gets 1 bill at the end of the month, no more reimbursements. The myTC app is excellent. Everything in 1 place, it even tells me what gate to go to. The benefits the staff get by being able to just email / call / app our Travel Counsellor anytime of day for help, its just excellent service." - David L

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